How To Monetize Your Social Media Posts?

Monetize Your Social Media Posts With Blog This WOW

If you’re looking to monetize social media posts from Facebook or YouTube then you have to check out this Video and take a FREE demo test drive of Blog This WOW.

The Problem

Sure, that post of yours is still on your profile or page. But it disappeared a long time ago from everyone’s newsfeed. As usual it was buried by newer content.

It’s how social media platforms work: We supply them with free content, they surface it long enough to monetize it, they bury it – and wait for us to give them more.

Meanwhile, you may get a few likes here and there: But ask yourself: Has your bottom line benefited in any measurable way from all the content you’ve shared?

Did those likes turn into leads? (Meaning prospects on a mailing list who you can contact on-demand. Not when Facebook decides to surface your post?)

Those ❤reactions to our posts make us feel good, but do those same people ❤ to buy from you because you’ve delivered value to them consistently?

It’s hard to be consistent when you’re building your brand on rented land. Even if you post daily, it’s a sure bet that your fans or followers won’t see your posts daily.

What if….

What if every time you shared content on any social media platform, you could send that same content to your own website in seconds, just by clicking send?

You’d end up curating a collection of content that’s uniquely YOU. Your website would become a bookmark for your brand, featuring only the content you select.

And you wouldn’t have to create any new content. After all, you’d simply be repurposing the same content you already give Facebook, but using it to fuel your site.

While your posts get buried in social media, they’d stay prominent on your site for all to see. Best of all, now YOU would be able to truly monetize YOUR content!

But wait – how would you generate traffic to your site? Simple: By posting original content on your site, and then sharing links to that content on social media!

THAT’s using social media the smart way. Don’t fill Facebook’s bucket with free content unless you can pour some of that content back into your cup.

Introducing Blog This WOW!

Instantly send social media posts to your blog where you can build your brand, build your list and bring prospects back to your content on-demand!

In other words, you can do everything you can’t do on social media platforms – by leveraging public content from social media platforms to do it.

All the technical stuff is done for you – The best way to experience Blog This WOW is to try it!

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