How to Monetize Your Social Media Without Being Salesy

If you’re looking to monetize your social media then this video by GaryVee is worth watching.

A common mistake people make when building their online brand is they think way too transactionally and sales-focused around their content. In this 4Ds business consulting session, Gary breaks down how to think about creating content with the hopes of it leading to sales, without the content being “right hooks” and sales pitches to everyone watching. It’s important to build trust with the audience, earn credibility and ultimately bring value which will make people WANT to do business with you. Enjoy!


0:00 Intro

11:00 How do I strategically exit from a business I love

12:30 The 60/20/20 rule

19:10 Monetizing social media

29:10 Why you need to start a podcast

36:10 Most underutilized platforms?

41:00 Biggest mistake personal brands make

46:30 Whoever holds their breath the longest wins

51:00 Strategic organic content

1:00:00 Outro

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