How To Solve Facebook Android App Crashes

My Android Facebook App started crashing today.

I’m running the latest Android and made sure the Facebook app was updated with the latest version. But still no good, everytime I opened Facebook after 5 seconds it would close down.

This what I finally did to solve the Facebook Android app crashes.

Clear Facebook app cache and data

Another thing worth checking is also one of the best-known Facebook app’s drawbacks – unreasonable storing of the considerable amount of data and cache. What you should do is clear the cache and data, and check for changes in the app’s behavior. Hopefully, with that move, you’ll remove possible slowdowns that are a known culprit for this issue. This is how to clear cache and data from the Facebook app:

Open Settings.

Tap Apps & notifications > All apps.

Navigate to the Facebook app.

Tap to open Options.

Tap Clear Data.

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