Tissa! Let The Journey Continue

It’s been quite a journey since that hotel meeting in London 2013.

All thanks to my dear friend Tissa Godavitarne the creator of Blog This Wow 🙂

It’s now possible to publish content in seconds from your phone or PC using Easy as Email™ and EZ-Vlogger™.

Blog This WOW is the easiest way to get your own website and grow an audience around your interests. You can use it for fun or profit – or both!

I thought it would be appropriate to publish my first content on blogthisjason.com using the cutting edge technology of Easy as Email™

The content you see on this blog post is actually a Facebook post of mine that got lost and buried on Facebook back in August 2019.

And I published this content without ever having to log into my blog or write a blog post. Zero learning curve!

It’s as Easy as Email™

P.S The next round of beers on me

Sent from my phone with Blog This WOW

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